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is the thin sandy compound in between your porcelain, stone or ceramic tiles; it bonds the tiles together forming a ‘complete’ surface.

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Uses the Right Grout Makes For A Good End Result

Sanded Grout: is a similar material to the mortar  used with concrete tiles, but the sand is finer and it is now available in a large varity of colours. Sanded grout should always be used on grout lines 1/8th and wider.

Epoxy Grout: is a high performance  grout that offers color uniformity, durability and stain, water and chemical resistance and is best used for narrow lines. It is also more expensive than sanded.

The look of your tiled floor (surface) is very dependent on the colour and condition of the grout

Due to tile’s durability, it is a surface proven to be suitable for all residential and commercial spaces including bathrooms, kitchens, entrances and patio’s within a home, office or commercial space.

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ReGrout, for long term Durability, Stain and Water Proofing

Tiles receive a large amount of foot, and often heavier traffic, therefore professional attention is required from time to time to prevent microscopic pores from allowing dirt and other contaminates to become trapped in the crevices (grout lines) of your flooring.

Regular moping can leave your tiled areas looking dark, dirty and often discoloured. Residue like this is also a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew. Surprisingly to most, a dirty mop and hot water is the foremost contributor to this problem.

Hand scrubbing with harsh chemical cleaners is ineffective in the treatment of this problem being time consuming, extremely labour intensive, and achieves only average results.

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