Tile and Grout Cleaning

Avoid An Absolute Pain In The Back

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning can be, and most often is, laborious, difficult, time-consuming and plain hard work, so it is a really good idea to get the best products and put at least one day aside for this task.

Grout cleaning is a major headache

for most people because there is just no way to make it a pleasureable task.
Grout is a porous, cement based material that will harbour dirt, grease, grime and mould and bacteria just love it. Therefore cleaning grout, sanitizing and maintaining it in a clean condition can be a major challenge for most homeowners, but it is something that won’t improve if nothing is done about it.

Because generally the dirt on (in) the grout is made up of grease and grime, using an alkaline cleaning product is necessary to react with the grime on the grout in order to dissolve it and make it easier to clean. A specifically made alkaline grout cleaning product should be used for your grout cleaning activities.
So here are the Directions:-
Mix the alkaline grout cleaning solution with warm water, the instructions on the container will give you the mixing ratios. Generously cover the surfaces of grout and tile to be cleaned and let it dwell for about half an hour. Now scrub the tile and grout with a stiff brush or scrub pad but be sure not use a wire or steel wool pad as these will probably damage the surface on the tiles.
The tile and grout must be scrubbed until you are sure that all the dirt has been loosened or dissolved from the grout. You can now mop the floor and clean up the loose grime and excess cleaner from the tile surface, rinse with clean water. If the process has not quite achieved results you would like, it may be necessary to repeat the process, giving the solution longer dwelling time, unfortunately more scrubbing will be necessary.
You may be left with some stubborn types of stains like wine or urine. If this is the case you may need to use an acidic cleaner to shift these. If this is the case be sure to get advice from your local Tile Shop. You will see a fizz as the grout cleaning products goes to work on the grout and will not need to do any scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly with an alkaline solution to neutralize the acid and avoid any long-term damage from acid being left on the tile or in the grout.
Using the right acidic grout cleaner, the tile and grout will not be damaged. An acidic tile cleaning product is fine to use on ceramic and porcelain tiles but a test should be done on stone. Acidic grout cleaners should never be used on any type of marble tiles.

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